Why Can’t We Say the “A” Word in Church?

Why Can't We Say the A Word in Church?
Overcoming Our Dirtiest Secret with Hope and Grace

Why Can’t We Say the “A” Word in Church? Overcoming our Dirtiest Secret with Hope and Grace is a groundbreaking, prophetic book in which Joni Williams Shepherd raises a call to the church, particularly to those in spiritual authority. Her call is to break the chains of silence and shame that bind victims of one of modern history’s greatest moral catastrophes, abortion. Joni skillfully weaves together rarely discussed and understood scientific facts of far-reaching negative consequences of abortion. She includes dramatic personal stories, including her own, of those who “chose” abortion from within the walls of the church. In the telling of this story Joni shows us the Church bears a much greater responsibility for the sin and consequences of abortion than most of us would admit.

However, this is much more than just a story of the past; it is a road map drawn by someone who made the painful journey from silence and shame to hope and grace. This road map shows how you, no matter your role in your local church, can truly help your church become the “hospital for sinners” that Jesus meant it to be (Mt. 9:12)



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