Book Review: Love Will

Title: Love Will: A Novel

Author: Cindy Brunk
Publisher: Independent
206 pages


Love Will opens like an action packed movie. I continually had to slow down my reading as I was trying to get to the next part to see what happens. Cindy Brunk was able to show how small the world is by creating characters whose lives greatly intertwine—as far back as two decades—to show how someone’s decision between abortion and adoption can greatly affect other people. The book has a very upbeat and positive tone but it is still able to address important issues in an effective manner. There were places where I was a bit surprised at the language; however, it did lend credence to the level of frustration, pain, despair, and anger associated with abortion.

One of the main characters is a teenage girl who gets pregnant. The parents of the father of the baby find out about the pregnancy. They tell the girl that they will pay for the abortion and any counseling that may be necessary afterward. Even though they knew that there could be damaging effects, they still pressure her to get an abortion. This topic was an interesting issue to address, revealing that even though people understand that there are negative issues involved with abortion, they still believe that it is acceptable. It is as if they think a woman can just get counseling and all is well.

So often the abortion industry appears to give valid reasons for abortion for those who are poor, mentally ill, or young. I enjoyed reading the author’s perspective and rationale behind why adoption is a valid option in these circumstances. Sometimes all that people need is someone with tenacity to support them regardless of the odds against them. In my opinion, they are the true heroes.

Science is showing that there is extensive trauma that women go through after an abortion. There is not only the possibility of physical complications but also the extreme emotional and mental brokenness that accompanies an abortion. In Love Will, the author shows how deep this brokenness can reach, but also offers the hope of healing. Our churches can be the key to this healing, as long as, we provide a loving place that promotes wholeness. A woman who has had an abortion already may feel isolated, so berating her choice is never going to promote healing. Only through love and forgiveness can true regeneration occur.

I enjoyed reading this book, it was written in a manner that made it easy to read, and yet, it covers some deep issues. I would recommend this novel to someone who is looking for insight into the effects of life choices on a basic level.


  1. Cindy – Loved your book, “Love Will”. A faced-paced read. I enjoyed the structure of each section titled by each character whose several lives intertwine and intersect one fateful day. Honest and straightforward.

  2. Your book is very impactful! Thank you, Cindy, for writing it and sharing it! I pray it makes the difference it was meant to make by our beyond awesome Creator!

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