Abortion Redeemed is for all women (soon to be developed for men also!), whether you lost a child to abortion or not; to understand abortion trauma and come around one another in grace. This class will equip women (and men!) in the Church to be a safe place to turn for healing and to champion new parents for life. Abortion permeates the Church more than we realize, yet we are the only institution with the resources and power to help heal those wounded by it and support others, so it is not part of their future. Come and be a part of creating a safe community. Each week we  discuss a different aspect of abortion, as well as a story. There will be Table discussions based on the topic and/or story and practical application.

This class is not a healing Bible study because it is for a wide variety of people to learn how to overcome abortion in the church, not just those who have lost children to abortion. It will take all of us working together, and without people who have not had abortions becoming safe, those of us who have may never find the healing and restoration we need.