SafeChurch Project



A SafeChurch operates under a Hope and Grace Chapter. The project’s purpose is to equip the local church to become a safe place for people in the church and community to go in the event of an untimely pregnancy or for help with trauma or difficulties associated with a past abortion.

A worthy goal with the SafeChurch Project is to make the church the first place people in the church and community run for help in these situations. Up to this point, the first place the majority of people (even in the church) think of going for help is Planned Parenthood. A small percentage go to local pregnancy centers which are equipped to provide pregnancy test, peer counseling, ultrasounds, and many other services. And they do excellent work in this regard. However, the majority who go to Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers discover that they seldom offer any options besides abortion because that is how they make their living. And they certainly do not offer support for other options that promote life. The reason most people don't go to their local church for help is because most churches are reactive rather than proactive about these things and often are more judgmental and condemning than helpful. The SafeChurch Project will equip the church to redemptively change her approach. Won't it be a wonderful development to change the place most people run for help with pregnancy or abortion trauma to a SafeChurch that welcomes men, women, couples, and grandparents with respect, dignity, and a community full of loving mentors and empowering resources?

When someone in the church or community meets with a pastor or ministry leader or calls the church for help in the area of untimely pregnancy or difficulty dealing with abortion, there is a ready resource to meet these needs. The caller can be referred to a Hope and Grace Advocate who can befriend them and connect them with needed resources in the church and community. Not only will it be one less thing a pastor has to worry about, but it will save more lives and connect people in the community to your church through your love in action.

The training for SafeChurch and Hope and Grace Advocates is the ABORTION REDEEMED curriculum. The curriculum will equip many in your church to become safe individually and as a community. It will also work as a constructive pro-active approach to preventing future abortion and the sexual activity that often leads to it. We don't want to just save babies, but to save the moms and dads and grandparents from unnecessary trauma. Babies cannot be replaced and the emotional, spiritual, and relational health of their parents and grandparents cannot be underestimated.

We encourage churches to partner with other churches in the SafeChurch Project. Below are documents that will help you learn more and get started! Go to HOPE AND GRACE CHAPTERS for additional needed documents.


SafeChurch Project

Becoming a Certified Safe Church



Electronic versions of these documents can be filled out on a computer, tablet, or mobile device and saved to be emailed to us. The PDF versions will need to be printed, filled out, and scanned before emailing the final version. If you need assistance with any of this, please contact us. There are additional documents available on the HOPE AND GRACE CHAPTERS page.

Hope and Grace Advocate Commitment          Electronic          PDF

Hope and Grace Ambassador Commitment      Electronic        PDF

A Call to Volunteer-Signature             Electronic           PDF

Confidential volunteer application           Electronic      PDF

Confidential Volunteer Reference          Electronic        PDF